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Release from Liability

Thank you for ordering with MillerBuilt, Inc.! It is our goal to bring each customer the quality, custom product that is desired. In our efforts to provide you, the customer, with your precise requests as ordered, you hereby release MillerBuilt, Inc. from any liability, consequences, or other repercussions as the result of any governmental requirements (Federal, State, County or City, if one exists), that your order may not be in compliance with, and will hold MillerBuilt Inc. harmless.

MillerBuilt, Inc. staff are knowledgeable about many government requirements, including, but not limited to: height, set-backs, and number of structures allowed for your area, and will provide guidance based upon our knowledge. However, ultimately you (the customer) choose to adhere to all governmental requirements and you (the customer) are responsible for any non-compliance as the result of your order.


MillerBuilt Inc. is proud to offer a two (2) year structural warranty at no additional charge with every installed order. This warranty covers structure, workmanship, and materials from abnormal wear and tear or damage. Acts of God such as: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados and fires are not covered. Likewise, intentional acts such as vandalism or criminal acts of destruction are also not covered. Any features included in your order that are not recommended by the company, whether informed verbally or in writing, are also not covered. The individual product manufacturers may offer additional coverage on their product and may be contacted by the customer if necessary. An extended warranty providing the same coverage may be purchased for an additional charge.