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About Add-Ons

The standard comes with a 36" shed door, “½” CDX Plywood Flooring and floor joists placed 1ft on center, and a gable roof with 30 year architectural roofing. The following is a list of options and add-ons avaialbe for your custom shed.

Miller Built 2x2' Shed Window

High quality 2ft x 2ft window installed for $80 each.

$80 Each
Pre-Purchased Window / Door Installation

Want to have a framed door or window of your choice installed? Purchase the one you want and we install for $50 each for standard doors and windows, $75 for Pre-purchased French Doors and Sliders .

$50 Each
$75 French Doors and Sliders
Upgrade to 3/4" plywood flooring

Upgrade to 3/4" plywood flooring? Just $60

Taller barn style roof

Taller barn style roof? Only $500 for 10 or 12 foot wide.

1 Foot Cantilever

Choose from a 1 foot cantilever right or left for $100 each

specialty doors

How about a specialty door? 48" double doors are $80, 5 foot sliding barn door is $125, and a 6 foot wide metal roll-up door is $375.

48" double doors : $80
5 foot sliding barn door : $125
6 foot wide metal roll-up door : $375
covered front porch

Add some character with a covered front porch? Pricing is based on square footage and width of your order. Just add the size of porch in feet to your basic size and find the price on the grid!

Price Based on Square Footage
2ft Roof Overhang

New 2ft Roof Overhang provides shelter from the elements, like a porch, but has no decked floor. Add to any size shed for $150.


Would you like a loft for additional storage space?

2ft : $50
4ft : $75
6ft : $125
8ft : $150
10ft : $200
vents for airflow

Do you need vents for airflow? Small vents are $10 each, and Large vents are $30 each installed.

Small : $10
Large : $30
Other custom design ideas

Other custom design ideas? Call for a quote!!

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